Enjoy a tour on the turquoise water of Zhinvali Lake or master the rapids of Pshavis Aragvi!

Kayaking is a relatively new sport in Georgia, practiced by a small group of enthusiasts. Kayaking is a more difficult discipline than rafting and beginners need to train on the lake before venturing into the whitewater rapids.
Aragvi Adventure Center offers kayak rental on Zhinvali Lake for 1 or 2 person sit-on-top Kayaks, which are unsinkable and can easily be turned up to original position  if you happen to fall in the water. You will be equipped with life jackets but should nevertheless know how to swim. Lake tours are offered as ½ or1 day tours with a shuttle service provided. Ideal for summer, swimming in the lake is a pure pleasure.
Kayak rental for whitewater Kayaking on Pshavis Aragvi (WW II-III / moderately difficult) or on the upper section of Khevsuretis Aragvi (WW IV/V very difficult) is offered only for experienced kayakers. The boats we use are made by the Pyranha and Lettmann. Please enquire!

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