On foot through the fascinating landscapes of the Greater Caucasus!

Aragvi Adventure Center offers individual or guided hiking and multiple day trekking tours in the surrounding forests and alpine meadows of the Center and the neighboring high-mountain regions. A selection of walks is proposed here:

1. Bebris Tsikhe (1104m) (Tower above Camp), 2-3h, 5 km, ascent 450 m, moderately diificult
2. Khorkhi Round Trail, (we are planning now)
3. Chaukhi Pass Trail (Juta-Roshka)- 2.5-3 days; overnight stay at  Juta & Abudelauri Lakes; walking distance 23 km; ascent: 1220 m; descent:  1900 m
Tour Example

1st day: Start from Tbilisi, drive to Stepantsminda, visit Gergeti "Tsminda Sameba" Church with stunning views of Mt. Kazbeg (5047m) and drive through Sno Valley to village Juta; overnight stay in a guesthouse in Juta; if you start late in the afternoon,  it is possible to drive directly to Juta.
2nd day: Trekking to base camp near the dolomite-like peaks of Chaukhi Mountains (3860 m) and continue to cross Roshka Pass (3360m). Overall distance to the pass is 9km. From there, it is a short but steep walk down to reach Abudelauri Lakes (2600m) and pitch tents on the flowery meadows amidst the stunning scenery on the eastern side of Chaukhi Massif.
3rd day: Awake with the sunrise above the mountains of Khevsureti. Walk down through the spectacular meadows dotted with rocks and small streams to village Roskhka. Further down the road,  mountain bikes, or alternatively a shuttle service, await  you. After a small picnic, ride the 30 km distance to the start of the Rafting Tour. Get splashed in the waves of Pshavis Aragvi and reach the Adventure Center for a sumptuous traditional Georgian supra (feast), which will taste better than anything in your life! Drive back to Tbilisi in the evening.

This tour is arranged in cooperation with Zeta tours, Anano Arabuli (Village Juta). 

The tour can normally be booked from early July to late October.

The tour can be done in a week-end by starting on Friday afternoon, but it can also easily be extended to a week, which allows spending more time in Kazbegi region and continuing, for example, to Shatili in Khevsureti region or simply hang out at Aragvi Adventure Camp for 1 or 2 days.

It is possible to offer tailor-made / individualized hiking or trekking tours across all the regions of Georgia including Mt. Kazbeg (5047m) or to organize the famous multiple days trekking tour from Shatili to Tusheti.

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