About Us


Aragvi Adventure Center is located in an idyllic forested valley in the Greater Caucasus mountain range in Mtskheta-Mtianeti Region of Georgia. The cosy camp nestles on a wooded bank of  Pshavis Aragvi River just before it flows into the radiant emerald lake of Zhinvali Reservoir. Built during 2011-2013,  the camp has completed its highly successful first season in 2013. The adventure center is not just a campsite but it is also a fun-filled picnic spot  and the base for rafting, kayaking, hiking and biking tours that we offer. With its unique concept of active recreation and promotion of local rural development, Aragvi Adventure Centre is the first of its kind in Georgia.
Set within just 60 km distance from Tbilisi (1h drive), the center is equally  suitable for a day’s  outing or a relaxed weekend in the mountains or makes a perfect stopover on a multiple day tour into the Kazbegi Region (Stepantsminda / Mt Kazbek) and Khevsureti (Shatili). To reach the Center, please follow the description (add link to description and map under Contacts)  or the coordinates GPS 42°13'13.80"N / 44°49'55.60"

 The Team

Aragvi Adventure Center is the brainchild of Soso Mekvevrishvili, who has realized his dream of building a place where people of all nationalities, the young and the old, can come together to enjoy the thrill of outdoor activities, relax in the serene lap of nature and celebrate life’s events, all perfectly complimented by the renowned   Georgian hospitality. Soso and his team (photo) will warmly welcome you and ensure your comfort throughout your stay. 
Our highly experienced instructors provide instruction to the novices and ensure the safety of all while they enjoy the outdoor sports. Our cooks take great pleasure in treating you to delectable Georgian cuisine and we are happy to introduce you to home-made local products, thus ensuring a truly unforgettable experience. For those with more time at their disposal, we can plan and organize highly customized vacation plans to suit individual needs and take you to the most spectacular highlights of the country. We speak Georgian, Russian, German and English.

Camping & Picnic Area

The camp site and picnic area are situated in beautiful environs, with the waters of River Aragvi rippling by and the tall trees sheltering the tents with cool shade. The camp offers comfortable accommodation for overnight guests and offers clean and hygienic sanitation facilities (including solar powered showers and 24h hot water). Comfortable inflatable mattresses and sleeping bags can be rented at the Center. Presently, overnight stay is  possible only in the tents.

The construction and equipment of Aragvi Adventure Center has been supported by USAID NEO program. We wish to express our sincere thanks for the contribution without which the camp would not be what it is today.

Eco-friendly Concept

Aragvi Adventure Center camp has been conceptualized to be as eco-friendly as possible. This includes the use of local building materials, solar water heating for showers, on-site 3-chamber wastewater treatment and general cleanliness of the camp. Water is purified with UV-Treatment. All waste is transported to Tbilisi where the nearest appropriate waste disposal facility is located. Polluting the local environment by dumping, burning and drainage of waste is thus strictly avoided. We request our guests to support us in the effort to keep the place clean and not to throw  waste in the river or forest but only into the available containers!

Family Friendly Concept

Families will find the place relaxing and kids can have fun without the danger of hurting themselves. Our staff goes to great pains to keep the camp area salubrious and safe and ensure that there are no broken glass, garbage and cigarette stubs around. Children have the opportunity to play in the shallow side of the river without danger or to use the small playground equipped with a swing set, a toboggan and a trampoline. The nearby forest offers children the possibilities of understanding nature, which is often missed in urban life.  For parents who wish to spend a few hours rafting or kayaking on their own, they can hire a nanny to watch their kids (pre-arrangement is necessary; link to contact). Older kids (above 12 years) will be delighted to try kayaking on the lake with their parents (with necessary safety equipment and expert supervision) or rafting on Pshavis Aragvi.

Tel and WhatsApp: +995 597 298 297
E-mail: info@adventure-center.ge