Tours & Events

Our tours are designed to offer a wide range of choices for our guests. Depending on your wish, we can arrange the classic "1-day rafting + barbecue" package or the individual triathlon "hiking, biking and rafting", with or without catering service. Multiple day tours include the fascinating Chaukhi Pass Trail, covering Kazbegi region and Pshav-Khevsureti regions. This tour consists of  a three day trek  from Juta village across Chaukhi Pass (3380m) to Roshka village, followed by a bike ride to the rafting  point and, from there, rafting down to Aragvi Adventure Center (see tours). Multiple day tours can be individualized with a focus on nature, culture and adventure across all the regions of Georgia (minimum 4 persons; 4x4 vehicles with drivers/guides are available).
At the Center, mountain bikes and sit-on-top-kayaks (ideal for beginners) can be rented to explore Zhinvali Lake and its surrounding areas. 
And if by then you are still not tired, the 2-3 hour walk on a marked trail to Bebris Tsikhe (also nick-named "Soso`s Kochki" because it is visible in the forest above the camp) offers magnificent views across the valley. Additionally, while the sporting types amongst you play a game of volleyball,  one can relax in one of the comfortable hammocks placed around the camp, keep an eye on the game in progress or read a book(add two photos of volleyball and hammock).
The camp can be booked by small groups of friends on a week-end outing, for wedding parties or corporate events combining a range of  activities and services (photo of a corporate event). Please make your reservation/booking well in advance.

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