Picnic Places & Catering

The Center is equipped with picnic tables and benches in the open air as well as sheltered in small huts and big tents to protect you from the occasional mountain   shower. Here you can savor the delicacies of traditional Georgian cuisine and taste some homemade Kakhetian wine. All the food is freshly prepared at the Center by local staff, using mostly organic and locally grown ingredients. For example, the Georgian traditional shoti  bread is made in the onsite "tonĂ©" (traditional clay oven / see photo); Khinkalis, steamed dumplings with various fillings, are handmade on the day of your visit; and the pork that we use for the succulent and flavorsome "Mtsvadi" (grilled Shashliks) is not imported from Brazil (a common practice for many Georgian restaurants) but comes from small organic farmers in Pshavi or Kakheti. Apart from quality reasons, we aim to support local production, encourage ethical and organic farming and the small farmers who grow these products. Homemade wine is made from Rkatsiteli or Kisi varieties of grapes. As a special event, Churchkhela, traditional stringed walnut rolls dipped in condensed grape juice, making can be booked in advance (photo). Our guests can preorder the menu to suit their wishes (picnic to be arranged with tour booking; link to pdf order form to be downloaded). 
Aragvi Adventure Center employs local people from the valley and thus contributes to significant seasonal income in a rural area with a severe lack of employment opportunities. Our staff appreciates your acknowledgement of their services. If you wish, you can drop your tips for the staff in the box located near the camp entrance. We will ensure that all the staff receives what you give, however, this is entirely optional and voluntary. Please keep the place clean so as to minimize the workload of the staff. 

Tel and WhatsApp: +995 597 298 297
E-mail: info@adventure-center.ge